The Forth Day


Genesis 1:14-19, Genesis 1:1,3,8,13, Romans 5:12, Romans 8:19-23, Psalms 33:6, Hebrews 1:1-3 & Proverbs 19:21

Pastor Steve reviewed Genesis 1:9-14 and several other passages of Scripture today, including Romans 8:19-23. That related to the “groaning” people have to go to heaven because of the corruption of God’s perfect creation. That longing in our heart comes from the Holy Spirit because the born-again person is still encased in a human body that needs constant care.

As Steve pointed out, the whole earth is groaning because of the corruption of sin.

In Genesis 1, we are reading about the “pre-sin” earth. Part of what God is communicating is that when He declares something it is done because nothing can prevail against Him. Steve said in verse 16, God is giving commentary on what He’s already done—meaning He had already created lightness and dark on the first day.

“In verses 14-19 God is describing the deeper purpose of what He’s made,” Steve said. “English translations don’t always reflect the differences. The purpose for day and night is to separate days and seasons. God declared the purpose of this portion of creation. He was purposely telling the children of Israel, ‘God did this so we would know how to plant crops, when to go bed, (and) when to fish.’”

In the same way, God set the planets in line on purpose. The interesting thing, said Steve, is that nothing in Genesis is contradictory to the scientific method. The point of Genesis is that God is the author and creator of everything. And, because of the order in the world, no one goes to bed in fear that the sun will suddenly pop out at 2 a.m. It would be horrible to think God said, “I’m done,” which would signal He is divorced from our lives.

As proof He didn’t do that, Steve cited Hebrews 1:1-3, which talks about Jesus upholding the universe by His power. Although it is true that humans can damage God’s creation with destructive forces like nuclear bombs, it is presumptuous and arrogant to think we can interfere with God’s purposes by our negligence.

“We don’t know how He will do what He will do,” Steve said. “He sustains the world. What I see is God creating the earth, setting its purpose, and sustaining it, and I should be a good steward of it. Just be careful to not major in the minors and split hairs over whether I must recycle to go to heaven.”

He finished with Proverbs 19:21, which says God’s purposes will stand. That means His purposes will be done in our lives. If we rest in that and trust in Him, we will see Him do incredible things, Steve said.