A Gentleman and A Lady


Genesis 2:4-25 & Ephesians 5:33

The series in Genesis took a look at 2:4-25 and the creation of Adam and Eve. Early in his sermon, Pastor Steve mentioned the last verse and how they were “naked and not ashamed” to point out there is nothing wrong with the body—but sin ruined everything. He also raised the question of why God placed the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden, knowing Adam would mess up. Because God intended His people to engage in be worship, fellowship, and obedience. God was telling the first humans if they trusted Him, they would carry out His instructions.

“Adam was to be the priest carrying these out,” Steve said. “He fails. That is the point of the putting the tree in the perfect garden. It’s put in there as a signpost of obedience. Adam had to say ‘no’ (to the temptation) and he didn’t.”

He then outlined some leading points about the creation of mankind to think about, starting with the fact that scholars believe the description in verses 10-14 is of Mesopotamia. Everything was moved by the worldwide flood, so later pinpointing its location is tough, but God wanted the geographic link to place Eden and the Promised Land in the same place.

The second point: man needed a help, since on their own they can create problems. The description of God creating woman from Adam’s rib sounds like a father, as does Him bringing all the animals before Adam to see what he would name them. Still, in the creation of people God makes a distinction: humans are more important than animals, Steve said. Pagans and pantheists try to make man and nature the same, but they aren’t.

Verses 21-23 describe not just Eve’s creation, but the presentation of the first bride by a Father. Adam’s reaction tells us what marriage is supposed to be like: an expression of appreciation to God for the completeness offered by a man and a woman. They become one flesh. He also shows how there are different roles for each gender, which have nothing to do with intelligence or competency—an idea that isn’t too popular in today’s gender-neutral culture.

“I submit to you the craziness in the world is because we have departed from what this is saying,” Steve said. “We are literally connected in the bones. What God intends is ‘Till death do us part.’ He intends for the husband to be the caretaker and the woman to help him in that role. . . . The danger in our culture is the idea there is no difference between men and women. Men are supposed to be like Christ and die for her. Wives to submit to their husband as he leads like Christ.”