A Peasant Girl and Some Shepherds


Micah 5:1-5 and Luke 2:1-21

            Pastor Steve preached an abbreviated message today, based on the Christmas story in Luke 2. He used the chapter to emphasize the idea that God will get you to where He needs you to be, even if it means passing legislation—a reference to Mary and Joseph having to travel to Bethlehem because Caesar Augustus had ordered a census to be taken.

            “Luke says (Jesus’) birth happened 80 miles from where it was supposed to happen,” Steve said. “God didn’t announce the Savior’s birth to anybody important (either). He told shepherds—working folks. He picked a peasant girl to give birth. The angel tells them, ‘Don’t be afraid. I have news of great joy. It’s going out to everyone.’ I would have at least picked Jewish royalty.”

            The message we can all rejoice in is that God is not worried about our qualifications, Steve said. All of us are unfit, so He isn’t waiting on us to be good enough or to do something good enough. When we look at the wretches in the Bible, we can see He uses whoever He wants to use.

            “It doesn’t matter what in your heart you think you’re supposed to do,” he said. “God will get you there. He can move mountains on your behalf. Look at the shepherds. He doesn’t need important people. He just needs people who will say, ‘I’ll go.’”