Abram Trusted God?

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Genesis 12:10-20, Hebrews 11:8, Genesis 12:7-8, Romans 4:13-21, and Proverbs 10:16

Pastor Steve looked today at Genesis 12:10-20 and Abraham’s trip to Egypt after famine struck Canaan. Steve pointed out how Abraham invented a “little white lie” about Sarah being his sister because he was afraid that Pharaoh’s men might kill him and capture her. Technically this wasn’t a lie, but in reality it was, he said.

“This man of faith, who looked at as a superhero in the New Testament, is as human as everyone else,” Steve said. “As soon as a trial comes, (Abraham) said, ‘Here’s what we will do.’”

This ultimately meant Sarah went into Pharaoh’s house while Abraham had to deal with his own actions. While Abraham may not have meant for this to happen, it shows what can happen when you trust your plans instead of God’s, Steve said. The consequences of forging ahead on our own are severe.

Despite Abraham’s failure, God kept His end of the bargain to bless him. The Lord afflicted Pharaoh with great plagues because of Sarah and rescued Abraham and Sarah. This shows how, with God, there is always redemption and help.

“This is a precursor to Moses sending plagues on Egypt,” Steve said. “The message got to Pharaoh that (Sarah) was (Abraham’s) wife. He says to Abraham, ‘What have you done? Why did you say she is your sister?’ Pharaoh is somewhat a victim of Abraham’s (action). You can be a great man of faith and still do something stupid.”

Just as Abraham stumbled, so can we. The Lord can help us through a trial, and a few months later get prideful and think we have it all figured out. But Steve warned we can’t ever think that way because whenever we turn to our resources we are headed for a fall. Nobody is perfect and has it “together” all the time.

“Proverbs talks about riches that come from righteousness and wickedness,” said Steve as he mentioned the cattle, donkey and other goods that Pharaoh gave to Abraham. “This is riches from wickedness. Yet Abraham gets to keep it. Understand that under normal circumstances Pharaoh would have had him killed. Instead, he gives him a bodyguard and sends him on his way.”

God shows Himself strong even in the midst of our mistakes—so strong that Pharaoh recognized there was a power at work in Abraham’s life. Still, this doesn’t mean we should sin thinking we can get lots of possessions.

“What it is telling me is that when you mess up, go to the Lord,” he said. “He can redeem it. God doesn’t abandon because we lose faith.”