Fish, Birds & Creatures


Genesis 1:20-25, 28 and Matthew 10:26-33

Pastor Steve reviewed the fifth day of creation in Genesis 1:20-25, bringing out something quite interesting: the Hebrew word for “created” in verse 21 is the same used in verse 1. He said every time something significant happens that words get used again, such as in verse 27, when God creates man.

“The point is Moses wanted the people reading (the book) to know that never question that God is the Creator,” Steve said. “They just left Egypt, who had for everything: the sun, stars, crops (and) the Nile River. He wanted them to understand, ‘I am the one and I did everything.”

This passage shows how God, who prepared the land with fruit, trees and other vegetation, is now filling the skies with birds and the earth with animals. It includes a unique feature: the creation of “the great sea creatures.” Posing the question, “What do you think they are?”, he said many say whales, crocodiles or porpoises, while some believe they refer to dinosaurs. Since Job describes Leviathan, who would laugh if someone tried to attack, Steve said he has no problem thinking of a great creature as a brontosaurus.

Another fact he pointed out was that God didn’t just create the fish and birds, He blessed them. God didn’t bless the trees, but He did the animals and later man, telling both to be fruitful and multiply. Because He created all living creatures, this means we should subdue other animals but never be cruel to them and honor God’s creation.

From here, Steve went to Matthew 10:26-33, where Jesus tells His disciples not to fear other people, but God, who has the power to send people to hell. The passage also brings out that there isn’t a bird God isn’t aware of and isn’t involved in their death—the Master of the creation described in Genesis.

“Jesus is saying, ‘Don’t be afraid of the devil,’” he said. “We cannot be ashamed of the gospel, of being a Christian, or afraid as the (pressures) of the world increases. The world today doesn’t believe anything in Genesis and thinks it’s stupid. The pressure is out there to not even associate with a church that is against cultural (influences). Jesus is saying, ‘Don’t deny Me before men. God cares about the sparrow.’ Jesus is saying you are more valuable than sparrows. He knows every concern you have and every need you have.”

The bottom line: trust God, proclaim Christ and let the chips fall where they may. He will take care of all of us.