In His Image


Genesis 1:26-31; James 3:9-12; Genesis 9:6; Psalms 139:7-16; and Colossians 3:1-10

Pastor Steve finished chapter 1 of Genesis today with a look at verses 26-31. The passage begins with God saying, “Let us make man in our image.” He devoted much of his message to the need to avoid being critical of anyone since each person is an image-bearer of God. The value of people is so incredible that God instituted capital punishment in Genesis 9:6; under the Old Covenant you forfeited your right to life if you took another person’s life.

“How can I dislike another race if this is true?” Steve asked. “The answer is, ‘You can’t.’ Do you think God is defined by one particular group? We are all carriers of the divine fingerprint.”

Next, he reviewed Psalm 139:7-16, focusing on verse 13, where David talks of God forming his inward parts and knitting him together in the womb. David is saying everyone is handcrafted by God, with His fingerprints all over us. Not only is each of us a product of God’s intentional design, He has a purpose for each person too. This is why abortion is sinful, Steve said: because God’s fingerprints are on a baby from conception. (He added a woman who has had an abortion needs to hear about His forgiveness.)

While sin has marred the divine image, Steve said Jesus restores internally who God is in each of us. This is why Paul said in Colossians 3:1-8 to put to death the sin that destroys God’s design and purpose. As His children we are to be renewed according to God’s image.

“Every human being is valuable,” Steve said. “Every life is valuable. Every Christian is shining out (God’s) light so the world can see what that image is supposed to look like.”

Using a mirror he placed on a chair as example, he then talked about how we are to be like the mirror in reflecting God’s light. Too often people worship their shadow, which is a faint reflection. As image bearers of God, we are also to reflect the morality contained in His Word. Knowing that His fingerprints are what make us important can help us deal with the hostility the world aims at Christians. We can love non-believers because they too bear God’s image but are lost without Him.