My Testimony – Pastor Steve Wayne

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Psalms 34:6, Romans 1:18 – 23 & Ephesians 3

Pastor Steve detoured from Genesis to speak on Psalm 34:8: “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” He felt the Spirit leading him to deliver his testimony because someone needed to hear it. He also mentioned that if we find the Lord boring, something is wrong with us—we are satisfied with “garbage.”

            He noted that he grew up in a family that was always in church for services and prayer meetings. If not at their church, they were at others for special meetings. Their church liked rules and though such stances came from a Holiness background, he said they sometimes went too far.

            “If you don’t taste and see the Lord is good, you have no desire for holiness,” Steve said. “I did taste and see that the Lord is good as a kid, but there was a lot of emphasis on appearance. But I remember sitting and staring at the sky when I was 7, 8 and 9, and knowing there was a God.”

            However, when he hit puberty and chemical changes started happening, Steve found a need for a strong connection with others. Because of sin, those desires often lead to the wrong things and the wrong people. Even though in tenth grade he would often tell  others about Jesus, over the next two years his heart drifted from God and he pushed boundaries. One time his mother, concerned over the girl he was dating, wrote him a letter warning he was on the wrong path. Finally, to avoid the Spirit’s conviction, he attended a more socially-acceptable church with a cool youth group.

            But after graduation, he returned to his church and was surprised to see 65 kids at youth group, where once there had been five. When he saw teens with their hands raised and weeping, “God swooped in behind me and said, ‘This is all real,” Steve recalled. “I remembered a thousand lessons as a kid (like) Noah, Adam and Eve, and Peter walking on water. Jesus loves you is real.”

            While he didn’t cry or have an emotional experience, Steve said God turned his heart around and showed him repentance doesn’t depend on a special event or service. After that, no one had to persuade him to attend church, pray or read Scripture.

            “It was like God stepped on my taste buds and reminded me that He tasted good,” he said. “My parents weren’t perfect and the church wasn’t perfect. But if you’re holding on to a grudge because of something that happened to you in church, you need to get over it. God is not confined to these four walls. He wants you to taste and see that He is good.”