Pray, Read and Trust

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Genesis 13, James 4:13-16 & Ephesians 5:15-21

Today’s sermon came out chapter 13 of Genesis, which how Abram (before becoming Abraham) and Lot separated they became so wealthy quarrels broke out between their servants. Steve said the chapter contains three lessons: 1) your trust in God is directly related to your relationship with Him, 2) trust in God manifests itself in the will of God, 3) how to conduct personal relationships in life.

The first lesson comes from verse 4, where Abram built an altar to the Lord at Bethel, where he had been prior to going to Egypt. The altar helped him remember what God did in his life. Steve said this is similar to David, in Psalm 77, remembering God’s power in his life.

While saying we hear all the time we are to trust in God, he asked if people get frustrated with knowing how to trust. The answer: it starts with prayer. We can’t live off a spiritual experience from three years ago; an ongoing relationship with God is essential.

Trust looks like what Abram did, Steve said of the second lesson. When his men and Lot’s were having strife, Abram told Lot to choose whichever land he wanted because Abram knew God would take care of him. Trust in God says, “What do you need to make this better?” Trust says it doesn’t matter what happens, because God will take care of me.

“When you have a relationship with God and trust God, you’re able to make decisions believing God will take care of you,” Steve said. “When you trust God, this is what it looks like: ‘You pick first.’ Lot picked the well-watered land. . . .Trusting God doesn’t depend on what it looks like.”  
            The outcome—Lot ending up next to the wicked men of Sodom—shows we have to be prayerful about every decision we make, Steve said. The way we make decisions is to first ask God: What is Your will? One way to know His will is to be in His Word. God often communicates with us through Scripture. While there are no specific biblical instructions on how to hear God, there are plenty of examples of people who did.

“God does, by the Holy Spirit, lead us and prompt us,” Steve said. “Part of learning is listening to God. How we make decisions is by prayer, a relationship with God, and Scripture—and our decisions will be guided by the Holy Spirit. Trusting God is the root, that what God said (will) come to pass.”