The Second Day


Genesis 1:6-8, 14, 20; Psalms 142:4-6 and Genesis 7:11

Steve returned to his Genesis series today with a look at Genesis 1:6-8 and the passage’s discussion of the “expanse” between the waters on earth and above heaven. Steve said one theory he grew up with was that God put the oceans and lakes on earth and above heaven there is something like a bubble, and the sun comes through that and makes the earth a tropical paradise. And, the Great Flood punctuated that.

While saying that is a possibility, he pointed to verse 14 about the light separating day from night, and verse 20 about birds flying above the earth. So, if the expanse is the sky, what is the water above the water? Steve said that could well refer to the clouds that fill with water and send rain over the earth.

“Everything that helps man flourish is described as good,” he said of Genesis. “A basic element of discipleship (which he discussed last Sunday) is the constant encouragement to our brothers that God is good.”

Scripture doesn’t sugarcoat reality. It relates such brutal stories as a woman driving a tent peg through a man’s head, a man forgiving his prostitute-wife as a real-life illustration of what God does for Israel, and God’s directions to Israel to kill all the people in a pagan nation. We shouldn’t hide the truth of Scripture because it reveals God who reserves the right to do as He pleases—and what He pleases to do is good.

“The temptation in our generation is to say He’s not good,” Steve said. “He commanded the total annihilation of the Assyrians. The rest of that chapter signifies that God’s intention and purposes for man are good. He’s got purpose in all that He does. We live in a world that constantly demands you re-evaluate God’s goodness. Read this (the Bible) to find out all that He does. He restores but He also judges.”

Noting the verse from Hebrews that says God is the same yesterday, today and forever, Steve said we can reason that despite what we read in Genesis, “He’s not like that now.” But when we ignore Scripture we can also be tempted to reject God; we must affirm God’s goodness and that He is to be revered, loved, and worshiped.

“God is good,” Steve said. “In all that He does He is good. As the years go by, it is clear to me that without a miraculous revival our country is sliding down a road that rejects Christianity. (But) we can’t ignore Scripture. We have to embrace it.”